15-45 minutes

Distraction free space

A clear mind

Pen & paper

Target ID


Optional aids

Bineural beats

White noise



Low light


Each week Adam mails Jestin a package with a unique numeric or symbolic Target ID placed on the outside. Jestin is not told what is inside. The Remote Viewing ID is then posted to for the listeners and Jestin to remote view. Targets generally take 2-3 weeks from mailing to recording the episode where they are revealed. When the episode is posted photos of the revealed target and any listiner feedback will be included on CatInTheBox.Space 


There is no need to over complicate this, follow whatever modality feels right for you.

Find a time when you can be alone and clear your thoughts. The idea is not to preload ideas but to document the unfiltered information.

Playing white noise, fan sounds or bineural beats through headphones may help clear your mind.

Dim the lights, close your eyes, focus on the Target ID and Visualize. Draw or record anything you see, feel or experience.

Thats it, you are now remote viewing :) 


You can email your results to / Photos and videos are welcome and may be played, read or posted in Cat In The Box


If you would like to send your own remote viewing package to Cat In The Box for us to view, send it here.


1438 W.LANTANA RD #220